Your hair will be grateful for your care!

Why to choose Herzeria products for your hair care?


It can reduce or stop hair loss


It can reduce dandruff and itching of the scalp


It can nutrify and strengthen hair-bulbs


You can get rid of mat, dry, fragmented hair


Hallgassa meg Dr. Ihász Judit bőrgyógyász - kozmetológus a fejbőr és a hajhagymák egészségéről és a hajhullásról készült összefoglalóját (17:46).

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Ha igen, megtekintheti Dr. Ihász Judit bőrgyógyász - kozmetológus összefoglalóját egy videó keretén belül is:


Which natural ingredients does Herzeria help with?

Nettle leaf Nettle leaf
Mustard seed Mustard seed
Burdock root Burdock root
Honey Honey
Royal jelly Royal jelly

Herzéria hair care shampoo and ampoules

With their combined use, hair loss can be completely eliminated in 5 weeks without artificial agents.

Herzéria shampoo

Herzéria shampoo

Herbal shampoo with caffeine, keratin which strengthens hair bulbs and reduces hair loss.

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Herzéria ampoules

Herzéria ampoules

Hair care ampoules with the power of herbs. Stronger, richer hair crown without hair loss and dandruff.

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Our customers already feel the positive effects of Herzéria!


Quick hair growth practices

Quick hair growth practices

Treat your hair inside and out if you want it to grow quickly. We will help you with dietary advice and good care tips.

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What does the dermatologist-cosmetologist say?

What does the dermatologist-cosmetologist say?

Could Herzéria products reduce high hair loss? The answer will come from a professional and expert person.

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